Diner Delight Restaurants

The books are $40 each.  Please include a business sized self-addressed envelope with 2 stamps on each envelope.  One envelope per book ordered. Books will mailed approximately March 15, 2020

Kiwanis Diners Delight Restaurants   (Orders now accepted)

Most coupons valid May 1 to December 18th

Last Years Participants

Blue Giraffe                                                                          Save Up to $18

Bubble Room – Captiva                                                       Save Up to $20

Doc Fords Sanibel or Captiva (Starts on 6/1 expires 11/1)     Save Up to $20 on 1 meal

                                                                                                   at your favorite location

Dunes Country Club       **Lunch Only**                              Save Up to $20

IL Cielo                                                                                 Save Up to $20

Island Cow                                                                           Save Up to $20

Island Pizza Company                                                          Buy 1, Get 1 at 1//2 price

Jerry’s Café   (4:00 PM to 8:30 PM only)                            Save Up to $15

Joey’s Custard                                                                      Buy one sundae, get one free

Lazy Flamingo-Periwinkle                                                     Save Up to $20

Lazy Flamingo-Downtown Santiva                                       Save Up to $20

Malia Island Fusion Cuisine  NEW RESTAURANT           Save up to $20

Mudbugs   NEW RESTAURANT                                         Save up to $20

Matzaluna                                                                             Save Up to $20

Normandie Seaside Café  Dinner only                                 Save Up to $20

Stillwell Restaurants Your choice of 1  Captiva Restaurant  below    Save Up to $20

|     Keylime Bistro

|          RC Otters

|               Sunshine Seafood

|                       Captiva Cantina

Sanibel Deli & Coffee Factory                                                Save up to $10

Sanibel fresh                                                                          Save up to $20

Sanibel Sprout (vegan/vegetarian)                                        Save up to $20

Spoon Drift   NEW RESTAURANT                                       Save up to $10

Sunset Grill**  Lunch up to $12, Breakfast $                           Save Up to $20

Tidewater Bistro NEW RESTAURANT                                 Save up to $20

The JAC   NEW RESTAURANT                                             Save up to $20

Thistle Lodge                                                                           Save Up to $20

Timbers                                                                                   Save Up to $15

Totally Baked   Donuts                                                           Buy one/get on free

Traders                                                                                   Save up to $20

T2 (Traders in the Village Shops)                                          Save Up to $15

‘Tween Waters Captiva House – Captiva                              Save Up to $20

‘Tween Waters Crow’s Nest – Captiva                                   Save Up to $20

Great places to eat and enjoy a drink (savings up to $500)

Here is how to get your Kiwanis Diners Delight Books. See mailing info at top!

For on Island Delivery call Jerimiah 239.677.7299


Sanibel-Captiva Kiwanis Club

P.O. Box 1    Attention: Jerimiah Edelman 

Sanibel, FL 33957   www.sanibelkiwanis.org